2014 15-Minutes of Fame

  Cocoa Beach, Florida USA 

Sunday Show

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"COUNTY FAIR", 33-minutes, Documentary, Delaware, Director: Christopher Quereau.  The Delaware County Fair is everything that a country fair should be and more...food, tractor pulls, tug-of-wars, anmals, rides, food, auto destruction derby, and a demonstration of "the community at its best". Farmers fom miles around bring their kids to the fair where they, themselves, once visited with their parents.  This is a film about "feeling good", and the old-fashioned work ethic. Pure Americana.  IMDB

"CEREAL MASCOTS: TRIX RABBIT" (Note: NOT for kids), 6-minutes, Animation, Hawaii. Director: Grey Wears. Two Prostitutes (Trixie & Pearl) stand on a street corner trying to make money and complaining about the economy. Pearl doles out financial advice, while Trixie is inexplicably dressed as Trix Rabbit. A boy, Dante, unintentionally scares possible clients away from the two prostitutes because he's convinced she is THE Trix Rabbit. In learning that Trixie has never had Trix Cereal, Dante enters a convenient store to buy her some. When he returns he is distraught to find that Trixie has left with a client.  WebsiteIMDB

"THE ZOMBIE'S TRIP", 2-minutes, Horror/Comedy, Australia. Director: Jim Zounis, Nick Zounis. After a sudden turn of events, a zombie is suddenly brought from the world of fiction into the world of reality.  IMDB

"MORE THAN WORDS", 4-minutes, Drama, Florida. Director: alberto Barros. Ruth is desperate to find true love in her life so she goes through a delusional experience trying to find the right man for her life. She will do anything to make him understand what she needs from a man. She will go to the extreme to show him true love. After a rough day in her apartment, she realizes she is once again alone but hopeful to find her soul mate some time in her dream.  IMDB

"THE SCORE", 8-minutes, Documenary, Florida. Director: Raymond Calderon. Shining a light on the little seen craft of composing film scores, this documentary follows the journey of Joe Sabatino, an aspiring film composer, as he completes the capstone project for his film composition class: writing and recording the score for a scene within an MFA student's thesis film. Explores the history and importance of music within film while detailing the steps composers take in order to score films.  IMDB

"BOOME AND SLADE".  Winner: Best Short. 13-minutes, Adventure, Florida, Director: Eric Jaffe. After the money-grubbing pigs at the network decide to cancel their television series, out-of-work sitcom characters Boome & Slade invade the mind of their creator, an aging screenwriter named Bryan, to prevent him from moving on to original material. Boome & Slade are in and there isn’t a meth cook, vampire or zombie that’s going to stop them. IMDB

"THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE", 7-minutes, Drama, Australia. Director: Michael Walker. Jodhi finds herself at a crossroads after getting the worst kind of news. She must decide whether her boyfriend, Evan is mature enough for the journey that lays ahead. When she goes to see him, she discovers he too has a question to which the answer will decide everything.

"DESERT GAMES", 17-minutes, Drama, California. Director: Victor A. Ukmar. In the middle of the Mojave Desert, two rivaling parties meet to settle a financial disagreement. Provoked by greed, grief and revenge, a psychological mind game unfolds to its lethal consequences.   IMDB

"SAFE", 14-minutes, Family, Florida. Director: Steven Lesser, Nasya Kastelik, Carrie Dutting, Olivia Yagey. This film was made in Sarasota Florida during a filmmaking program for students. In this process 18 students ages 10-15 worked with adult filmmakers to create a short they felt would have an impact on their peers.  In this suspenseful drama, teens are accidentally trapped in a high security super-school that was deigned to protect them from school shootings, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters. With no adults around to enforce rules, the students reveal their true colors.

"INSURANCE", 5-minutes, Comedy, Florida.  This is a brand new film, but it was intentionally made to look like a television sitcom of the 1950s, complete with "laugh track".  As usual, Lucas and Stella are short of money, and Stella suggests some creative ways for Lucas to get rich. WebsiteIMDB

"STOP TRAFFICK", Winner: Best Drama. 15-minutes, Drama, Nevada. Director: Wes Halula. A simple Midwestern mom scours Las Vegas looking for her young daughter (Lauren Sweetser, WINTERS BONE) and some guy named 'Kyle.' When she coaxes an irritated bar owner (Stephen Baldwin, USUAL SUSPECTS) into helping, they discover the girl has to get out of Vegas now or risk being lost forever.  IMDB

"THE KINDNESS OF A STRANGER", 11-minutes, Suspense, Canada. Director: Julia Oxley. Have you ever been stranded alone and offered assistance by someone you’re just not sure wants to help? Lori is a young woman who goes out on an errand for her boss and runs out of gas on her way back into the city. She calls her dad and a tow truck but they both say that they will take a while to get there. An unfamiliar car stops and a man gets out offering his help but Lori has a very bad feeling after he introduces himself.  Website.   IMDB

"THE CHEMIST", 14-minutes, Drama, California. Director: Jeff Toye. Nathan, 10th grade, awkward and spine-less, has a passion for chemistry and an inventive imagination. But after being ridiculed in class, he is unable to approach Lyra, the girl six lockers down. All of that changes when he stumbles upon The Chemist, a magic potion shop run by a wise old man. With the potions master as his guide, Nathan attempts to win over his dream girl. The Chemist is a story about magic, love, and two kids with chemistry together.  IMDB

"THE BAGUE". Winner: Best Comedy. 8-minutes, France. Director: Philippe LYON. A lunatic woman tries the engagement ring of a friend and suddenly realizes she cannot take it off.

"NOVA ROAD". Winner: Best Cinematography.  22-minutes, Mystery, Florida. Director: Ashton Bracciodieta. Some roads are better less traveled. Mysteries surround this rural country road known for more tragedies due to drag racing then anywhere else in the country. This road has haunted Riley Bryce (Madison Guthrie) and her brother Chris (Tyler Perez). When an accident on Nova Road leaves Riley with amnesia, she is faced with confronting her fears. Riley contacts Mark Grey (Connor Christie), a teen with his own dark history on this road. Together with a few friends (Megan Brown) (Caulin Donaldson), they set out to uncover the truth behind Nova Road. What they find will shock you. What really happens on Nova Road? Based on a true story.  Website.   IMDB

"THE BALLAD OF RICKY SMITS", 12-minutes, Drama, Florida. Director: Max Allman. Ricky Smits is a gangly redneck who hopes that his invention, PortaPower, will make him a big shot. When he meets his boss’s daughter, Abigail, a beauty pageant queen with dreams of a modeling career, the two begin an awkward courtship, connecting over their shared dreams of escaping their small, southern town. When Ricky’s boss discovers their relationship and fires Ricky, the two must decide what is more important – their dreams or each other.  IMDB

"TODAY'S HEADLINE", 4-minutes, Animation, California. Director: Arem Kim. Today's headline is a dark comedy that points out the problem of elders who live alone. The film attempts to convey the serious social problem of elderly isolation to the audience through dark comedy.  IMDB,   Website

"BOXES". Winner: Best Family Film. 10-minutes, Family, Georgia. Director: Jason Winn. From the director and the writer of The Fat Boy Chronicles, and a writer of Get Low, BOXES is the story of Uncle Robbie, who is down on his luck. His brother won't go the extra mile until he learns from his own sons that everyone deserves a second chance, even family. BOXES is a short film that is a modern day fable about how everyone has worth, a value sometimes forgotten in our hurry-up, materialistic world. The script is a competition finalist that will inspire everyone who sees it to rethink how they treat others.  Website,   IMDB

"GOOD GUYS CAN'T AFFORD US", 19-minutes, Action, China. Director: Alexei Berteig. Archer, an ex-military mercenary, finds himself in an impossible situation: he is being chased by his ex girlfriend who is charged to extradite the man who is employing him for his protection. Caterina Murino (Casino Royale) plays the ex and Charles Mayer (MI5) plays Archer in this tense cat and mouse game in Shanghai where winner takes all.  IMDB

"KONNICHIWA BRICK LANE", 15-minutes, Comedy, UK. Director: Saera Jin. A Japanese girl loses and finds love in one day, on multicultural urban London street, Brick Lane.   IMDBWebsite

"THE FARMER AND THE DOPE", 9-minutes, Comedy, Florida. Director: Dale Frohman. A brash and aggressive DEA agent searches a farm for a rumored marijuana crop. The farmer and family are peaceful and fully cooperative, giving the agent full run of the property. All the property except the north pasture. Undeterred, the agent forges ahead only to find not everyone on the farm respects his badge.  IMDB

"ALIVE: SURFING IN COCOA BEACH", 7-minutes, Documentary, Florida. Director: Tony Peñafiel. A short documentary that showcases a variety of local surfers as they discuss their love for their sport. Explore the differences that bring so many people together as they search for their perfect wave. Experience the emotions that captivate surfers, from novice to professional, as they talk about their lives, sport and community.  IMDB

"SMALL TALK". Winner: Best Editing. 13-minutes, Drama, Florida. Director: Peter LeVake. When a playful text conversation with his crush Stacia turns face-to-face, James dashes in a panic, leaving behind his phone…in a library that is about to close. To regain his confident persona, James is forced to interact with Stacia in person. To help ease him into the non-digital world, Stacia takes him on an unforgettable after-hour adventure in the library, in search of his lost phone. There, they will discover an unexpected storybook romance, hidden in the age of technology.  IMDB