2014 15-Minutes of Fame

  Cocoa Beach, Florida USA 

Saturday Show

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"JOB", 10-minutes, Family, Florida. Director: Bryan F. Davis. When their young son becomes ill, the insurance company denies their claim under the 'pre-existing conditions' clause. Drowning in medical bills, matters get worse when an economic crash hits their community hard, and they lose their jobs. Eventually, the family loses everything they own, including their home. Their lives are destroyed, but they still hold on to hope. They find shelter in one of many abandoned buildings littering their town, and each get a job to bring money in to take care of their son, and to build towards a brighter tomorrow. IMDB.

"SCOUT'S HONOR".  Winner: Best Animated Film. 3-minutes, Florida. Director: Marissa Bernstel. A young Forest Scout tries his best to get his very first badge, the 'Animal Assistance Badge', by helping an innocent turtle cross the street. Easier said than done, as the Forest Scout must abide the rules of the handbook, which tells him to 'not touch wild animals'. Using the book, he tries to find other methods to save the turtle from certain doom, and get a long awaited badge.  IMDB.

"THE COSMIC MUFFIN" , 6-minutes, Documentary, Florida. Director: Luis Trueba. The plane-boat started its improbable journey as a Boeing 307 Stratoliner originally owned by industrialist and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes who acquired the plane in 1939 as part of his purchase of TWA. The 307 was the world’s first commercial pressurized aircraft that was a variant of the B-17 Flying Fortress. IMDB

"PASSING", 26-minutes, Science Fiction, Georgia. Director: Stephen Sherwood. Twenty-two years ago, John made arrangements for his death. Now that the time is at hand, he's having second thoughts. IMDB

"THE LAVATORY", 6-minutes, Comedy, New Jersey. Director: Michael Kelberg. Tom takes a bathroom break prior to a big meeting and innocently uses the handicapped stall. After receiving a phone call from his wife while still in the John, Tom is eager to get home to partake in her seductive surprise. However, Tom's eventful day is doomed when he is seized by Agent Callahan, and The Lavatory Patrol, who have been spying his poor decision making.  IMDB

"JOURNEY FOR HAPPINESS", 22-minutes, Documentary, India. Director: Marie Venoe Thesbjerg. We follow the Bhutanese woman, Phub Wangmo, on her pilgrimage from Bhutan to the Buddhists’ most sacred site, Bodh Gaya, where she goes to practice the sacred, tantric ritual chöd with 3000 other Bhutanese people and their Rinpoche/guru. It is a story about a Buddhist woman who always put her Buddhist practice above time with her family. She is very dedicated. The filmmaker, a Western woman with no cultural background of Buddhism, tries to explore and understand Phub´s faith as she joins her pilgrimage. In her effort to gain "merit", the reality of life's troubles.  In Phub, the Bihar people cheat her, they beg, and they have "faces of suffering"  that makes her sad, and frustrated. Her practice seems exotic and odd to outsiders, but is essential in her Buddhist belief in order to "gain merit", and blessings on her way. Phub is convinced that her practice is the best way to lessen suffering and help create happiness. But is it?  Website,

"ACCOUNTABILITY"Winner: Best Screenplay. 17-minutes, Comedy, California. Director: Keith Watabayashi. Kevin Luciare, an average, 20-something living in the city is drowning in bills and debt. As he copes with the day-to-day of his situation he dreams of traveling to Paris to visit his ancestral home but when the evil forces of Bill Collectors come calling it becomes clear they are after more than Kevin's money, forcing Kevin to fight for control of his home, his mind, his life, his very soul.  IMDB

"BOYS WILL BE COWBOYS", 7-minutres, Documentary, North Carolina. Director: Kate Pullman. It is March, 2014 and music blasts through Palomino Sports Arena in Goldston, NC. Josiah Key, a top ten bull rider in the Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association, mounts a 2,000 pound bucking animal. He is 16 and, as always, knows this ride could be his last. After the ride, Josiah talks about his early interest in rodeos. Born July 29, 1997, Josiah knew before he was in kindergarten that he wanted to ride bulls. The only thing that calmed him down as a child was watching old videos of his hero, Jerome Davis, riding bulls. He got on his first calf at age 6 and has been riding ever since. Now, he is in high school and his whole family is involved in rodeos. His oldest brother fights bulls and his middle brother rides with him. For now, Josiah hopes to win the SEBRA finals. At 16, he was the youngest to qualify for the competition. He could win over $20,000. The next SEBRA finals are in January, 2015 and Josiah practices constantly in anticipation. Even though Josiah has two years before he is eligible to ride in the Professional Bull Riding Association, he is competing at a professional level with riders far older than himself.  Website,

"NUCLEAR CANDIES", 2-minutes, Animated, Canada. Director: Gérard Goulet. A quote of Jacques Cousteau is turn to an ironic false publicity that encourage human to destroy them self with nuclear research. IMDB

"MOVING ON", 19-minutes, Drama, Florida. Director: Kris Truini. The job of a US Marshal is but a distant memory for Will Jacob. He left the job 13 years ago when his son, Billy was born. Now, with the brutal murder of Will on his family's property, his wife Trisha and Law Enforcement are casting blame on several terrorists that are now out of prison. Will's former partner Ted Chambers, now a family counselor, is stepping up to offer his help while Trisha and Billy are in limbo before learning where or when they are being moved. Billy is anxious for answers, angry and heartbroken. He begins to put a different puzzle together. Could he be the only person with any real sense of danger, or is he making a horrible mistake? Facing the past is often necessary before Moving On from it. See what happens when, in the darkest moments, things become most clear. Website.
"GRATITUDE". 6-minutes, Drama, Pennsylvania. Director: Marty Krzywonos. A plain looking young woman living with her mother finds romance in the chance meeting of a young man. Mom is not happy with this new relationship and finds ways to sabotage it. WebsiteIMDB

"OFFICER CRAIG AND THE PREGNANT WOMAN", 11-minutes, Comedy, Florida. Director: Kitty Patterson. A short fiction based on the true experience of the writer/director, this incident is from the daily log of a rocky policeman during the late 1960's. Officer Craig's first assignment is getting a very pregnant woman to the hospital before the babe arrives. This very brief, chuckle filled video is the first of Officer Craig's many humorous adventures.  IMDBWebsite

"DORIS", 15-minutes, Drama, Florida. Director: Jingxi Wang. While her father is at war, little Doris is indentured to an unloving family. Doris longs to reunite with her father but when he dies, the family reveals their cruel plan to keep what isn't theirs and cages her like a bird. As the danger mounts, Doris makes a wish: if only she had wings...

"RUDY AND NEAL GO FISHING"Winner: Best Documentary. 26-minutes, Florida. Director: Abigail Tannebaum Sharon. An American Veteran suffers from PTSD and goes fishing for therapy. This is a film about two guys fishing in South Florida's beautiful waters. But it's not your ordinary fishing trip. Meet Rudy- U.S. Army veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Neal- a tournament angler with an unusual professional background. Fishing is part of Rudy's therapy. There's a lot at stake for veterans with PTSD-- 22 veterans commit suicide every day in America. Rudy's military career took him to multiple war zones and when Neal is not in a fishing competition, he cuts hair in Miami. Watch how the simplicity and tranquility of fishing allows this vet to reconnect with nature and start to heal.  WebsiteIMDB

"NEFARIOUS NELLIE", 4-minutes, North Carolina. Director: Ralph Bernstein. Fred and Amanda's attempt to find an address turns into an hilarious interchange between Amanda the car's navigation system, while Fred admonishes Amanda that the device cannot hear her.  IMDB

"THE CO-STAR: MASTER ACTING CLASS", 15-minutes, Comedy, California. Director: Amy Scribner. A hilarious insight into the Hollywood 'Master' Acting Class! Follow the adventures of Cloe Floutz (Jeanne Taylor), an aspiring actress in Hollywood, as she experiences the questionable 'Master' Acting Class the great Trevor Allor (Joshua Fardon). Is the class her last stop or her first step in making her acting dreams come true? Now that she's in the class will she ever make it out? Written and Produced by Jeanne Taylor.  WebsiteIMDB

"POSTHUMOUS",  Winner: Best Florida Film. 30-minutes, Drama, Florida. Director: Noah DeBonis. Not much happens in Chokoloskee, Fl. The highway bypassed the town years ago, leaving it a forgotten dot on the map. This is bad news for Harley, whose family's dilapidated B&B hasn't had steady visitors since the Reagan years. The only thing more rickety than the bed and breakfast may be Harley's home life. Her mother has passed away and her father spends most of his time at the bottom of a bottle, leaving Harley to take care of both the business and her deaf baby sister. Things seem bleak until the famous and cantankerous author P.W. Chesapeake, a contemporary of Ernest Hemingway, mysteriously shows up as a guest. Can Harley turn his fortuitous visit into a windfall to save the business? Perhaps if he were to meet an 'untimely' death while staying at the B&B the ensuing media attention and tourist rush would be enough to save both the business and the family. Can Harley go through with her plan, or does P.W. have dubious intentions of his own...   Website. IMDB

"A HOT MEAL: BLOOD BROTHERS", 8-minutes. Adventure, Nevada. Directors: Jamison Derfler and Bryce Larson. The war between man and elf has long been over, yet blood lust drives the warrior king of men to pursue the last of the elves; wiping them from the face of the land. His greatest lieutenant, Remmick Stormsword, disillusioned and sick with guilt, abandoned his post. He now wanders the land, some say even helping his one time elvish enemies. Ever wary, he is constantly hunted by the Warrior King and haunted by the memories of the horrible acts he committed.  IMDB

"VOUZETTE". Winner: Best Foreign Film. 20-minutes, Comedy, France. Director: Philippe LYON.  Rated-R. Vouzette doesn't remember who she is, nor his son's name. She has Alzheimer. Her son, a photographer, has to leave for a long professional trip to the U.S.A. He tries to make her understand what's going to happen. Vouzette doesn't mind him going to New York... as long as he's back home every night for dinner.  IMDB

  "MIAMI'S PIT FALL", 23-minutes, Documentary, Florida. Director: Andrea Seamans. In 1989 Miami Dade County passed the controversial pit bull ordinance (breed specific legislation), due to an attack on a little girl and her mother. The documentary will take you on a journey that will explain what truly happened that day and through the lives that have been affected by the pit bull ban. 1989 was a very emotional time for all dog owners. They were afraid they would lose their home insurance, and their dogs. A group called "Responsible Dog Owners of Dade" filed a law suit against the county, and stated that these dogs were being targeted because of the breed, not because of bad ownership.   23 years later Miami Dade County had a chance to repeal the pit bull ban once and for all and unfortunately it did not pass. The fight to over turn the pit bull law continues. IMDB