The "15-Minutes of Fame" film festival.


Would you like to be a film critic?

Of course you would. There's a little film critic in all of us.

It's easy. We will show you some short films, and you will

simply indicate which film is your favorite. Your votes will help

us select films for the "15-MINUTES OF FAME" film festival,

which will take place Labor Day weekend in Cocoa Beach.

(Click HERE for details)

We will conduct these "sneak peek" sessions once a month

between now, and Labor Day weekend. Each "sneak peek"

will run 1-hour, and will include several short films. These

films will be a mixture of drama, comedy, animation, and


All of our "sneak peek" sessions are FREE, and open to the

public as a way to introduce you to the world of indie

film festivals. Our only motive is that we hope that you

will join us for the "15-MINUTES OF FAME" film festival in

August, which is also FREE. We promise that we will NOT

try to sell you anything. Free means cost or

gimmicks of any kind.

The "15-MINUTES OF FAME" independent film festival was

founded in 2009 by Ray and Migdalia Etheridge to showcase

the films made by emerging filmmakers from throughout

Florida, and from around the world.

To date, the Etheridges have shown over 450 of these

indie films in Brevard, and many of these films have gone

on to win awards in major film festivals across the U.S.

Come on! Give it a try. You'll be glad that you did.

(And invite your friends too!)

Check out this website in August to see our Labor

Day Weekend "15-MINUTES OF FAME" schedule. We

will give you the list of the films in the show,  (50 films),

their descriptions, and showtimes.  And remember,

THE SHOWS ARE ALL FREE. Invite your friends. The

films will be shown at the International Palms

Resort, and several filmmakers will be there to

tell you about their films. Don't miss it!  See if YOUR

Sneak Peek selections are included in the show...

Our last Sneak Peek session

before the film festival:

Saturday, July 26, 2014



550 North Brevard Ave

Cocoa Beach, Florida 32931


Help us select films

for our upcoming

film festival. It's FUN,

and it's FREE.

Your hosts and

festival sponsors,

Ray and Migdalia